Sunday, 16 March 2014

Being Slack & Moving


I cannot believe it's been 6 months since my last post… SLACK!

Since my last post:

  • I've been to Bali and had a ball with my sister, boyfriend and friends - Pics below
  • Quit my job in Sydney, started another job
  • Quit that job
  • Boyfriend got a promotion
  • Moved to our nations loooovely capitol (CANBERRA)
  • Started a Patisserie course
  • I got a job at a VEGAN bakery
  • Started working out like a crazy woman
SOOOO that's a lot of changes being made to my life in the last 6 months! 
I have obviously kept up with my vegan lifestyle with my beautiful partner, and we have been very busy with our 2 little rescues and 1 nosy kitty. 

Our lives in Canberra so far have been fairly hectic, namely because Travis has been jet setting a lot with his new promotion, travelling over the country doing training and being special, while I've stayed at home and looked after our fur children… It has been great, but stressful, and a little lonely!

The house we're living in is adorable (pics to follow), and the area we're living in is beautiful. I am grateful to have what we have here :) and we are making friends slowly (which is probably the best way to make friends) 

So I will be posting more frequently again, and will be MUCH more dedicated to doing some fantastic things in and around Canberra!! 
Many things to follow. WATCH THIS SPACE! 

Some photos from Bali

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