Saturday, 22 March 2014

Baking Bread and Markets

Saturday has become my favourite day of the week lately. Ever since Travis has started his new job, he hasn't had to work Saturdays anymore, which is fantastic! It means we now have an entire weekend together.
Our Saturdays tend to go like this:
Wake up late, feed the dogs, have a relaxing breakfast, get all of our bags together and go to the markets, come home, make some food from our new produce, then relax.
It's so lovely!

Some of our produce

The markets we've been going to is the EPIC markets at the Exhibition Park in Canberra (E.P.I.C), on the north side. They're not far from our house, so it's a short 5 minute drive to get there, and there is always good parking.
We've found that it is easier to just walk around and pick things as we see them, rather than taking a list, then getting anxious when there isn't things from our list there due to the climate in our area, or the season.
So the fun part about market shopping is that we find things there that look fantastic (the pumpkins at the moment are beautiful!), and decide what we will eat that week from there!
So this week we got a half pumpkin, a bunch of chinese broccoli, some plain broccoli, swiss brown and field mushrooms, apples, sweet potato, a cute eggplant, and a ridiculously large zucchini! (For real guys, this zucchini is MASSIVE!)

After the markets this week Trav had to do some work, so I decided I wanted to bake some bread. It is one of the most relaxing and rewarding jobs to do at home I think. Mainly because it is just such a home-y thing to do, it saves a bit of money (if you eat as much bread as we do), and the smell is just intoxicating! There aren't many smells that can top a fresh bakes bread in the oven..
Flour is so cheap, and the other ingredients are always sitting in your pantry anyway, and you can make it however you like it! Next weekend I'm thinking of getting some yummy olives to put in a loaf, and having one that is all for me :) (Travis loathes olives).

Isn't it cute?

After baking, we sat down and watch some of the first season of 90210 (the 1990's version), and although Travis finds it insipid, we both spent most of the night watching and laughing at their oversized computers and "mobile" phones.

For dinner we decided to make home-made pizza and twists, topped with fresh garlic and home-made queso cheese (I'll post a recipe, it is DE-LISH!). The pizza turned out amazing, and the twists were great as a starter!
I know, I know, not the healthiest day for us, but hey! That's what Saturdays are for aren't they?

Do you bake your own bread at home? What do you put in yours?

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