Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Birthday Surprises and an Amazing Gift

1 week ago I turned 25…. It was devastating! I can't believe how quickly it snuck up on me!

My darling boyfriend decided to conspire with my sister and mother to have them spring a surprise visit on me. It was so beautiful! I hadn't seen my family in a few weeks, so this was quite emotional for me.. 
Travis took me out to lunch at a local vegetarian eatery (My Rainbow Dreams), we sat down, I ordered a yummy juice, and perused the menu. 
I looked up at Travis (blank face - he should play poker), who said "Surprise", and my sister and her partner grabbed me by the shoulders!!! 
2 minutes later my mum and step-dad sauntered up casually. 
I love my family.
We all spent a lovely lunch eating delicious vegan lunchables and enjoying each others company (and some scrummy brownies). 

After lunch my amazing family gave me my birthday present:

Cream Kitchen Aid

Are they not the best??? Is this not the BEST???
This is something I had been whinging and whining about for months to Travis, and basically anyone who had ears.. So I was (and obviously still am), so excited by this little beauty. 

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