Friday, 21 March 2014

My NEW Job!

As you may have read in my previous post, we've just moved to the beautiful city of Canberra, are living in an amazing little house in the inner suburbs, I'm studying patisserie at a school near us (which is amazing!), and I recently got a new job at a vegan bakery!! BAKING! 

I know, I know, dream job yada yada. :-P 

It IS pretty amazing though. 
The cafe is called Sweet Bones Bakery, and it is located on Lonsdale St, within the Lonsdale St Traders in Braddon (a suburb just out of the city). It is very groovy, and hip, and I am far too nerdy to be socially adequate in many of their cool situations, but it is seriously, the best job I've ever had!
They bake vegan wedding cakes and cupcakes, and make so many cool things! I've so far made their lemon cheesecake (YUM), cupcakes, cookies, brownies, muffins, pretzels (yummy!) and I'm sure there's more. 

The only down side to this job is that I am surrounded by delicious and decadent vegan food all day, and there are chefs there who are willing to make me a tofu burger any time.. Sounds upsetting right? Yeah, well my waistline is not happy about it!! 

:-P So if any of you are ever in Canberra, feel free to drop in and try some ah-mazing food and come say hello! 

Did any of you check out my vegan croissant recipe? It's up! And it's beautiful :) PLEASE tell me if you make them, and if they turn out well! 

Sleepy Domino says hi! 

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