Wednesday, 18 September 2013

2 days to go..

There are only 3 days until we are in Bali, and there is still SO much we need to do!
There have been a few recent hiccups in my well thought out plan for packing (*cough*), which included resigning from my current job, and having to get myself prepared to start a new one as soon as we return from holidays... which is a little exciting, and a lot stressful. :(

Our first leg of the trip is one night in Perth on Saturday to meet up with an old friend of Travis' and see the beautiful and mysterious Western city. :-P
I am personally extremely excited to go, because I've never been over the other side of the country, so I look forward to seeing it! (I will post pictures of everything!)

Our next flight is to Denpasar on Sunday morning, where we should land at mid-day to meet my sister and some friends, who will then escort us to our lovely villa in Seminyak (hopefully with chilled beers waiting for us) :)

I am SO looking forward to the break. Hopefully it will help to ease the new job anxiety!!!

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