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I'm not a health nut, I exercise to prevent myself from becoming overweight. I don't particularly enjoy exercise - except for my weekend runs, and a little yoga here and there - but I am willing to try out nearly anything that will stave off the dreaded fat. :-P


Much like a lot of people out there, I have been overweight.. When I was 17 I went overseas for 11 months on exchange to Hungary. In true Eastern European style my diet consisted of: processed meats, potatoes, bread, and more meat (with maybe a pickled vegetable in there somewhere)
Hmmm starchy carbs and meat... the chubby girls worst enemy.
I don't think I need to give too many details, but I am sure you guessed: poor self esteem and further carbs led to more than just the extra 5kg most exchange students gain... much more.
I ended up weighing nearly 20kg heavier than I had when I left my family at Sydney airport a year earlier.. Needless to say they were a little more than shocked at my transformation.

A bit of a chubby 17 year old

..And Now

It is now 6 years later, and I have managed to lose all of the weight I gained overseas, and keep it off (more or less) ever since.
I am not a naturally skinny person, and I love food (being vegan doesn't necessarily mean being healthy), so the only options I have to keep from becoming morbidly obese are to exercise and eat healthy nutritious food as often as possible.. Luckily there are so many amazing options for vegan deliciousness that are still ridiculously healthy, and even the bad foods are still going to be healthier by far than their non-vegan counterpart! ;-)

A lot healthier and happier 6 years later

Where better than here to document my ideas and trials attempting to keep from becoming bored, fat and lazy?!

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