Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Vegan Baking

So as I mentioned in a previous post, I have started a patisserie course here in Canberra.
It is pretty amazing. So far we have completed 5 weeks of baking with yeast.
Some photos below of some of the (non vegan) products we've made so far:


Chelsea Buns, or Cinnamon Scrolls depending where you're from ;-)

A little tin of smiling chelsea buns

Un-cooked little croissants - how adorable are these??

Finished products - Croissant

Cherry and apple danish

Aren't they cute? It has been SO much fun learning how to bake properly, in a proper kitchen, with proper equipment!

Here are some photos of some VEGAN goodies that I baked at home, so that Travis and I didn't feel so deprived after looking at all my scrumptious goodies from school:

Some basic bread rolls

Choc-chip peanut butter biscuits

Hot Cross buns (i didn't have a piping bag handy, so the "crosses" are a little skew-iff)

 My piping practice on some delicious chocolate cupcakes

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