Saturday, 14 September 2013

I (finally) got a library card!

I have been sick of trying to find new books (with no spare time) that I can read on the train on my way to work (and CandyCrush really won't keep anyone occupied for 2 hours of train-ing), so yesterday I thought to myself: "why not join the library?" So i did! YAY!
I have not been a member of a library since I was a child, so this was shiny and new to me! I borrowed my first (non study) book in over 10 years, and have been avidly reading ever since.

The first book borrowed
I know I'm an adult, and I really shouldn't be this excited about it... But shhhhhhh! I like that I can be excited over small things.
A few reasons why I love our library:

  • I can borrow from any council library within our shire and still return the book to my closest library.
  • They have an online selection of e-books that I can download to my e-reader! (for free!!!!)
  • They set up a pop-up library at my train station once a week so that commuters can return any book they have borrowed, and they can also pick up a new book for their train ride! -Personally I think that part is AMAZING! 
My pretty little library

I have always had an issue with borrowing.. mostly because of my LOVE of owning books (book hoarder right here).. I love to look at my bookshelf and see all of the wonderful titles that I have read and loved and read again. But I decided that there is absolutely no way that I can continue to purchase all of the books I read. I simply can't afford it!!! It seems like the cheapest way I can still get a book fix without forking out.
I have decided that I will still buy the books that I have loved and cherished, such as the 3 that I have recently purchased for our holiday.. But I will get to those later! 

Do you prefer to borrow or buy books? 
Are you a member of your local library? Some of them have amazing things to offer if not! Definitely check them out - mine lets people borrow a tandem bike for the day! 

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