Saturday, 14 September 2013

Time to get back to reality...

My goodness! I have had SUCH a ridiculous time of it the last few weeks! It is finally time to take a breath and start preparing myself for relaxing and holidaying...... excceeepppttttt I still need to do all of the pre-pack washing, cleaning, preparing food for the puppies and also getting myself ready for another crazy week of work before any relaxing can happen...... poo. It would be great if this hangover would cease to pester me too.

Oh well, at least I have right now to take a breath! :)
Unhappily for me I have spent the last month doing 2x the job I do already, so I have had quite the busy schedule/work life. Thankfully the woman I have been covering for is now back, and I can spend some quality time here with you!

So, let's see... What's new with me.....
I got a library card!
I have 1 week of work left until we leave for Indonesia.

My god! I'm SO boring!

It is sad that the most exciting thing that has happened to me in 3 weeks is that I borrowed a book from the library..


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