Sunday, 14 July 2013

My Little Family


Suzie is a 6 year old English Staffy that we adopted from the RSPCA in May 2012.


She had kennel cough, fleas, was severely malnourished/underweight and had recently given birth to a litter of puppies.
After months of healthy meals and walks she gained weight and energy, and is now completely content to sleep on the lounge or bed all day until we come home from work. She receives lots of kisses, cuddles and food every day and is spoilt rotten by Travis.

Suzie likes

Lower back scratches

Suzie dislikes: 

When we leave for work
Being outside
Raw carrots


Radley is a 2yo Kelpie x Staffy that we adopted from the pound the day he was to be euthanised in April 2013.
Radley - being cuddly

Radley was a stray who had been in the pound for months before we saw him on their "kill list" and decided to adopt him. 
He, like Suzie, had kennel cough and fleas, and his tail had been cut off at some point in his poor life.
Radley shadows everyone through the house - begging for attention and love. He is such a softie, we can't imagine what life would be like without him anymore!

Radley Likes

Ear scratches
Getting into cupboards
Chewing.....everything (my glasses, lounge cushions, books...) 
Chocolate - much to our displeasure

Radley dislikes:

The vacuum cleaner


I adopted Domino from the RSPCA as a kitten 4 years ago.

Domino - reading

She can be quite temperamental, but loves to snuggle with Travis in the mornings after I get up to go to work. 
She is very protective of her food, and if she can get to it, she will! 
Domino is like a perpetual kitten, she is slight, and very playful! As soon as the lights go out at night, she seems to think that means it's time to play! 

Domino Likes:

Sharing Pillows
Sitting on any computer/paper/book you are using
Staring at me until I wake up
Attacking feet from hidden places

Domino Dislikes:

Being ignored


Travis is the best boyfriend anyone could ask for, he is considerate, kind, and compassionate.
Of course we have our moments - someone forgot to do the washing up, or whose turn it is to turn the light off before bed - but neither of us would be happy if there weren't little things to argue about every now and then ;-) 

Travis likes: 

Triple chocolate chip anything
Vintage watches
Superhero movies

Travis dislikes:

Public transport
Working on weekends

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