Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Official Day One of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge!

Getting ready to yoga!

Tonight my lovely boyfriend decided that after a couple of days watching me yoga it up at home, he thinks he would like to challenge along with me! Isn't that nice? Although it does mean that I had to start from day one again so that we could do it together from the beginning, I didn't mind, because it can only benefit me, right? :-)

Basic update: my shoulders and arms are a little sore from all this downward dog-ing, but my back is feeling amazing! 
The tension after a work day seems to release - which is amazing - and leaves me feeling relaxed and ready for bed :) 
Overall: Feeling amazing, and happy to continue on for the rest of the 29 days ahead! 
Tip: Don't push anything that doesn't feel right. Relax into the poses and concentrate on your breath.
Are you Yoga-ing too?

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