Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Noticeable Benefits of going Vegan

I thought I should write down some of the things I have noticed that changed since I have gone vegan.. maybe there are people who are interested in veganism, or other vegans who have experienced similar (or extremely different) benefits of going vegan.

  1. My nails! From the first month I noticed that my nails had started hardening and growing much quicker than normal. Since I was a child I have always had soft, brittle nails that tended to chip and snap off before they could get to any use-able length. I had tried hardening polishes, cuticle creams, shellac, and ultimately acrylic nails (*shudder*) to achieve the beautiful, long nails of my favourite celebs... Little did I know all I had to do was ditch the dairy and I would have Dusty Springfield nails in no time! Ta-Daa! 
    My "long" nails - thanks to quitting dairy
  2. Weight loss. Duh! It is a complete no brainer that when you remove high-fat foods like butter, cream, milk, (most) chocolate - and all the things that include those nasties - you are going to lose weight! I also really don't understand diets that claim to help you lose weight by eating more meat... I cringe to think about how disgustingly constipated those poor people will be :( Seriously, plant based diets are the way to go to lose weight. I lost a few kg in the first month or so, and it was great!
  3. Clear eyes. This might be one you're not so interested in, but I have found that it brightens my face up so much having clear, white eyes.. And it makes the green in my eyes stand out so much more! 
  4. Skin improvements. So my skin is not the best. I get hormonal breakouts, and wear make-up most days - all day - for work... So I still get some breakouts, but nowhere near as many as I used to, and for nowhere near as long as I used to. It's brilliant :) I'm sure switching to all natural face and body products would have helped too, since my skin isn't clogged up with lots of nasties!
  5. More day-to-day compassion. I have found that in everyday life I seem to feel more compassionate toward not only animals, but other people too. Spare some time (or some $$ if you can) for a charity or group that you think does some good in your area..
  6. Bloating-be-banished! I never feel bloated after I eat anymore! It is fantastic... no matter what I eat, it seems to settle in my tummy so quickly, and I never seem to feel icky and the dreaded "bloat". (another benefit along with this one for me is being "regular".. hehehe)
  7. General health - My health seemed to improve dramatically after I went vegan! I noticed it most when winter started, and everyone at my work seemed to get sick within 2 weeks of each other, and I was the only one who resisted the flu! I was confounded at first, until I realised that it was the food I had been eating! I had paid attention to my health, and it had paid off!
Me "suffering" through Sydney winter - no cold for me!

I will try to think of more changes I've noticed too, and I will post a follow up if I do see more! 

If you're a vegan, and noticed some awesome changes in yourself, let me know! We can compare notes! 

P.s I asked Travis some things he's noticed and he said "my nails are harder to bite through" and "I fart more" hahaha. Guys are so observant.

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